RYM’s check-points before buying a used MacBook

RYM’s  check-points before buying a used MacBook:

RYM Buy the best quality Apple Mac Device and resell those devices again through the online platform. Before purchasing old or used Apple Mac Device, RYM follows below steps to test your MacBook health conditions-

1.     RYM will check Apple’s ‘Check Coverage’ on their website for the originality of the MacBook and valid purchase date of the MacBook.

2.    Proof of valid purchase: RYM will check your original purchase INVOICE copy and you need to handover it along with MacBook. Also, a self-declaration letter needs to be filled by you(RYM will handover it for signature). It is only required due to the reasons that RYM is not taking your MacBook by force or steal it or have taken it by any other unauthorized manners. In other words, it means that you are selling your MacBook to RYM.

3. Checking the cosmetic condition of the Mac: RYM will carefully examine the whole cosmetic i.e. body of the used Mac for any physical damages, scratches or dent if any.

4. RYM will Check the screen for brightness, dim spots and dead pixels. Also scratches on the screen.

5. Checking Battery Conditioner: RYM will check and verify the battery condition of the MacBook. A Lithium-Ion battery which is what Apple uses counts load cycles. The battery can take about 1000 load cycles with progressively worse performance. You can check the health and how many load cycles the battery has by going to About this mac then system report and then power menu to the left. In the “Power” menu option look for Cycle Count. Always buy MacBook whose battery cycle is less than 500.  Above 500 load cycles and you will be experiencing a battery that quickly drains and before not too long will require a constant power cable.

6. Will check if any firmware password set or not.: Apple’s systems support a hardware-based password, which if enabled will prevent the system from booting to Safe Mode, Single-user mode, and perform other tasks that can aid in both the configuration and troubleshooting of the system. While the password can be reset on some systems by removing a hardware component such as RAM and then starting the computer, Apple has made this more difficult in its recent systems. Therefore, ensure the firmware password is disabled when you purchase the system. To test for a firmware password, start up the system and immediately hold the Option key after you hear the boot chimes. If the system shows a boot menu with available boot drives and arrow buttons then there is no password set; however, if it displays a password prompt with a lock icon then the password has been set.

7. RYM will always ensure, the serial number on the box and the one shown on screen are the same.

8. Will check to Confirm that all keys and connectivity ports are functional.

9. Check the trackpad: Next check the trackpad and ensure it makes a proper click when you depress it, and also that it tracks smoothly. Sometimes over time trackpads can wear out and take barely any pressure to invoke a click, and result in a trackpad that constantly selects things or clicks buttons. Apple’s multi-touch trackpads are made of glass, and while they are relatively difficult to break, sometimes this can happen and result in a crack that sometimes can be easy to overlook, so be sure to check the edges and corners of the trackpad.

10. Run Apples built-in hardware test “AHT”: This is by far the most important thing. Built into every MacBook there is a stand-alone hardware testing application that is very advanced, yet simple to run. It doesn’t care what the shady seller is saying, nor does it try to pretend to be better than what it is. It will take a long (anywhere between 15 minutes to upper extremes of an hour), hard look at itself and tell you exactly how it is feeling and if anything is bad or broken.

It doesn’t just report what is broken, but also gives you health indicators on what the wear and tear components of the computer such as the disk drive (yes, even SSD wear out) and battery.

To start the test software, follow these steps:

a)    Shut down your computer. Then, press the power button to turn it back on.

b)    Press and hold the D key before the gray startup screen appears.

c)     It takes a minute or so for AHT to start up and inspect your hardware configuration. When finished loading select language and then click the “Test”-button.



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