Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you buy locked or managed devices?

    • A: We do not purchase devices that are iCloud locked, under Device Management Software supervision, part of Apple’s DEP program, or have been reported stolen. It will be the seller’s responsibility to pay for return shipping in the event the device cannot be unlocked and needs to be returned.

Am I guaranteed to be paid the price that I am quoted?

    • YES, as long as you accurately described your item RYM guarantee you will be paid in full the cash offer amount in your Cash Offer Quote – No haggling, ever.
    • If the item(s) you send to RYM do not match the original quote you provided us, then we will email you with a revised quote along with photos describing any issues and your revised cash offer.

Will you delete all my personal information when I sell you my Mac?

    • Yes, RYM will fully restore every Mac receive so there is no worries about your data or contacts getting to someone else. We would never share your information with anyone.
    • The very first step of our inspection process is to erase all personal data by completely erasing and reformatting the entire hard drive, prior to moving forward. No team members are allowed to power on a computer without first erasing our customer’s personal information.
    • For added security, we encourage our customers to securely erase their user account prior to shipping.

What happens if the Mac I am selling you does not arrive as described or broken?

    • If your Mac arrives “not as described” we will email you and tell you how it differs from your description. We will give you an updated quote based upon the actual condition. RYM will even include photos of any damage. Most of the time our customers agree with our revised quote as we always try to be fair. If you are not satisfied, then we can return the item to you. 
    • If your Mac arrives broken or with major damage that you were not aware of, we will file a shipping insurance claim on your behalf and do everything we can to get you paid in FULL. 
    • If you have a Mac Air/Pro with the original box and foam inserts, you can ship the item directly in the original box. It is imperative the unit is properly packaged into the original foam blocks that hold the unit in place. If in doubt, refer to our shipping instructions.

Am I guaranteed to receive the payout amount I am quoted?

    • As long as you accurately described your item, then YES. If the Apple device that we receive does not match the original description you gave, we will email you with a revised quote and let you know why we are revising it. If you wish to proceed, we will process your device and issue payment. If you decline the revision, we will ship your item back to you, provided you pay the return shipping costs.

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